For years, our clients, 谁是主要的中小企业, have used our export factoring solutions to unlock capital for their businesses and experience growth.


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We advance up to 95% of the invoice value and fund within 24-48 hours of verifying your invoices.

Credit Protection

We eliminate credit risk by acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller, 弥补付款的不足.

Collection & Reporting

You have a streamlined workflow as we perform collections, dunning, and bookkeeping on your behalf.


Secure the cash you need – in the currency you need it in – when doing business abroad using factoring finance. Get immediate cash flow from your sales, even with long payment terms in place.

Plus, our credit protection and collections services ensure you get paid even in the face of customer uncertainties.


Apparel & Textile

Food & Beverage



Media & Gaming


across industries.

Our export finance solutions improve cash flow for businesses in a variety of sectors. Years of experience dealing with different kinds of businesses – and our openness to work with new ones – help us to create invoice financing that is right for you.

No late payments

而不是等待长达六个月的客户支付他们的发票, you receive payment right away with our factoring services and through other outside methods like bill discounting.

Dynamic financing

hg2088足球平台的金融服务不是贷款, so for many companies, hg2088足球平台的融资不会以债务的形式出现在他们的资产负债表上.

Generate more sales

You can grow your sales by offering longer payment terms without disrupting cash flow. We are committed to your long-term success and can scale up funding in line with your sales growth.


Flexibility in payment schedules will not only help increase your sales, but it will also allow you to work with a greater variety of retailers and distributors—including major names.


Export Factoring


When we saw a gap in financing to address international needs, we stepped in to fill it. Not only do our export factoring services provide funding for cross-border sales – we also collect payment from your overseas buyers for you. 作为你的金融伙伴,你可以安心交易.




作为印度领先的出口保理公司之一, hg2088足球平台根据您的需求定制hg2088足球平台的融资解决方案. Listening to your story enables us to put together a financial package that works for you.

Check creditworthiness

We inspect the creditworthiness of your buyer and set a credit limit on them.

Buy receivables

We purchase your accounts receivable and pay you generally within 24-48 hours of invoice verification.


We handle the management of your accounts receivable and the complete dunning process.

Enhance your business with flexible financing.

跳过传统银行贷款的严格要求. Our alternative solutions make the funding process more convenient and transparent for your business.





Industry Snapshot

Export factoring can be conducted in different ways that work for buyers and suppliers around the world.

信风与企业合作, both large and small, in a variety of industries to smooth the shipment of goods and services across international borders while minimizing financial risk and expanding access to working capital.

At a glance

Our financing transactions span over 30 countries in more than 20 industries.

Diversity of Clients

hg2088足球平台的大多数客户经营纺织品,食品 & 饮料和电子工业.

Industry Portfolio

近年来,hg2088足球平台的行业投资组合增长了83%. We’ve added 10 new industries since 2016 and now work with businesses in over 20 sectors.

Still have questions?

hg2088足球平台很乐意与您讨论任何问题. 了解hg2088足球平台的解决方案如何使您的公司受益.



Export factoring is a comprehensive financial service that combines export working capital financing, credit protection, 国外应收账款簿记, and collection services. This service allows for the strategic selling of foreign accounts receivable to Tradewind, 一家领先的出口贸易融资公司, 从而使出口商能够立即获得现金. This comprehensive solution skillfully merges export working capital financing, credit protection, 应收账款管理, 使之成为出口商不可或缺的金融工具.

出口保理的过程包括几个关键步骤. Initially, the exporter delivers goods to the overseas buyer and invoices them. 然后出口商将这些发票卖给保理公司, which pays an advance, 通常是发票金额的70-90%. Tradewind, 在印度的出口保理公司中脱颖而出, 承担管理向外国买家催收债务的职责. Subsequently, 扣除服务费后, 剩余的发票余额转到出口商.

In India, export factoring is broadly categorized into two types: recourse and non-recourse factoring. Recourse factoring involves the exporter taking the risk of non-payment by the buyer, 而无追索权保理则将这种风险转移给保理人. Besides, 印度有几种出口融资选择, 比如装船前和装船后的融资, 出口信用担保公司(ECGC)支持融资, and packing credit. Tradewind customizes export finance solutions to suit the specific needs of exporters, cementing its reputation as one of the preeminent export finance companies in India.

International factoring, 类似于出口保理, is a financial transaction where an exporter sells its invoices to a factor, who then manages the credit control and collection of outstanding sales from international buyers. Tradewind’s international factoring services include immediate working capital provision, credit protection, 以及专业的账本管理, 这些都是为全球贸易活动量身定制的.

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Export factoring and export finance are both aimed at supporting exporters, 但是它们的运作方式不同. Export factoring involves the sale of receivables for immediate cash and transfer of credit risk, whereas export finance typically refers to loans or advances provided against confirmed export orders or receivables. 出口融资可以采取多种形式, 包括装船前融资, post-shipment finance, and buyer’s credit, 更多地关注资金,而不是信贷管理和催收.

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在选择像信风金融这样的出口保理公司时, 评估它们的全球足迹至关重要, 国际贸易专业知识, 特定于行业的见解, 以及他们管理信贷风险的能力. 服务提供的效率, 先进的客户管理技术基础设施, 整体金融稳定也是关键考虑因素.

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Pledging, 不像出口保理公司提供的服务, 涉及使用应收账款作为贷款抵押品. 公司保留对收集的控制和责任. Factoring, 特别是由信风金融提供的, 意味着出售这些应收款项, thereby shifting the collection responsibility and credit risk to the factoring firm.

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印度的出口保理业务提供了即时的现金流, 降低管理成本, 并提供对坏账的保护. 它还有助于分类账管理和收款服务. Export finance, on the other hand, 提供急需的营运资金支持, 帮助支付制造和运营费用, 并在全球市场上提供竞争优势. Both services enhance creditworthiness and allow for better financial planning. 作为印度领先的出口金融公司之一, Tradewind’s export finance solutions support operational expenses and enable businesses to maintain a competitive edge in the global market.

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While export factoring offers numerous benefits, it also has limitations. It can be more expensive than traditional financing due to higher fees. The factor’s control over customer relationships may not always be desirable. Also, 它可能并不适合所有类型的企业, 尤其是那些利润率低或发票争议程度高的公司. Moreover, factors generally require a good credit history, which might exclude some businesses.

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